We are Ache, an intersectional feminist publisher exploring illness, health, bodies and pain. We publish exciting and urgent fiction, essays, poetry and visual art by women, trans and non-binary people.

Our publications:

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Ache’s aims:

Ache is a literary and art magazine founded in 2017 in an attempt to create an opportunity for women, trans and non-binary people to articulate, explore and question their experiences with illness, health and pain. We publish writing and art from an integral place of inclusivity and belief. We hope to provide a space where the navigation of health and pain, within a white-male dominated medical system, can be explored in relation to each individual’s unique experiences of gender, class and race — and to be a platform where misconceptions and prejudices can be challenged and, ultimately, dissolved.

How we run:

Ache is an entirely independent publication and exists without any external funding or advertising. All sales go directly to printing cost and keeping the magazine running. Everyone on the team volunteers to the magazine and no one takes a wage. 

Everyone who has contributed to Ache has offered the magazine their work, time and enthusiasm. We are extremely grateful to each of our contributors, without them this magazine would not be possible. We are also incredibly grateful to everyone who has bought a copy of Ache, attended an event or a workshop, thank you for your generous support.

As women living with debilitating health conditions, we have experienced first-hand many of the issues highlighted throughout our pages. We are dedicated to Ache's aims to elevate the voices that have for so long been marginalised by medical institutions and to facilitate vital conversations around illness and pain.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: helloachemagazine@gmail.com