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Cusp: a collection of feminist writing exploring bodies, myth and magic.

Ache asked writers to explore the ways in which illness and pain cause estrangement from one’s own body – and Cusp was born. This is a daring collection brimming with feminist stories, essays and poems that are strange and surprising. Bodies grow and transform into new shapes, new beings and new identities. Houses and hospitals suffocate. A witch fights for suffrage. Doctor’s behave cruelly. Patients are forced to commit strange acts. An angel checks her emails. Bodies bruise, bleed, overflow and misbehave.

Featuring the absrd, the surreal, body horror and speculative fiction, Cusp articulates the experiences of transformation, shape-shifting, and border-crossing that are inherent in illness. Cusp asks what happens when our bodies become strange to ourselves and our world.

Including writing from Sharlene Teo, Memoona Zahid, Emma Glass, Elizabeth Kim, Kirstie Millar, Rochelle Roberts, Sarah Fletcher, Rebecca Tamás, Alice Tarbuck, Ellie Slee, Rosalind Reynolds-Grey, Amanda Holiday, Jane Hartshorn, Rose Higham-Stainton and Camilla Grudova.

Cover art: ‘A Thousand Eyes’ by Nell Brookfield.

You can also purchase a limited edition print featuring Nell Brookfield's painting 'A Thousand Eyes' (2020), created in response to Cusp.

Ache: Issue No. 3  (2020)

In our third issue of Ache, we explore the theme of 'Abrasion' as it relates to illness, pain, health and our bodies.

Featuring art, essays, fiction, interviews and poetry by: Lucia Osborne-Crowley, Harri Welch, Sophie Whitehead, Katie Da Cunha Lewin, Kaiya Waerea, Jennifer Ashby, Pema Monaghan, Polly Atkin, Nina Mingya Powles, Cat Mitchell, Naomi Morris, Laura Oosterbeek, Lottie Hughes, Katrina Millar, Alanya Noquet, Rosa Jones, Megan James, Mai Ivfjäll, Cat Chong, Grug Muse, Kirstie Millar, Anna Kisby Compton, Rachel Cleverly, Ellie Taylor Davis, Nina Hanz, Nicolette Clara Iles, Benedita Santos, Eve Delaney, Lindsey Mendick, Rosalind Reynolds-Grey and Helen Mort. 

Ache: Issue No. 2 (2019)

Featuring art, essays, fiction, interviews and poetry by:

Olivia Sudjic, Camilla Brown, Nazrene Hanif, Sarah Howes, Katrina Millar, Victoria Rodrigues O'Donnell, Elinor Cleghorn, Ottavia Silvestri, Rosalind Reynolds Grey, Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, Emily Robb, Olivia Spring, J V Birch, Nadia De Vries, Lucy Holt, S. Nicole Lane, Cecilia Reeve, Romily Alice Waldon, Marisa J. Futernick and Kirstie Millar.


Ache: Issue No.1 (2018)

Featuring art, essays, fiction, interviews and poetry by:

Annie Dawid, Francesca Kritikos, Arielle Tipa, Helena Hinn, Katrina Millar, Emily Dall’Ora Warfield, Anya Metzer, Tara Presnell, Mel Reeve, Micky Dickson, Kirstie Millar, Miranda Dennis, Rosalind Reynolds-Grey and Thea Hawlin.